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Consumer Insight & Market Research

Do you know

what your consumers really desire?

Why Desire Insight ?


Desire Insight goes beyond what your customers like or their satisfaction level.


Desire Insight will offer you the most relevant protocol, an innovative approach and unique tools.


Desire Insight is a real community that brings together specialists from very different backgrounds. 

The most important thing is to understand the real motivations and desires of consumers beyond traditional insights

How to find the real consumer desire  ?

In use Test

Test your product or service in real situation. Your consumer use it in its own life


Consumer under hypnosis answers without conscious filter and can tell you the truth about them desire



Test your offer on a false-true website, a blog about your brand, a virtual community


After a very long experience of several decades around the world, one thing became clear: the conventional polls and tests shed light on what voters or consumers do not like and hopefully, what they would be likely to vote or buy for the first time. In no case, the classic tests answer the essential question: will my candidate, product or service create a strong and lasting relationship with my target?

The bias comes from the fact that there is an abyss between a declaration of intent and an act of purchase, vote, membership.

​For several years, we have explored over and over again all the ways that have enabled us to build the tools that help us better understand the choice of a voter or a consumer who is both conscious AND unconscious.

The best way to observe what a consumer will really buy, subscribe, vote is to put it in the conditions of a real choice by removing the conscious filters.


How to find client desire
Consumer Insight is dead
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